10 Most Entertaining Sides in Premier League History Have Been Ranked

10 Most Entertaining Sides in Premier League History Have Been Ranked
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​Liverpool‘s title-challenging squad this season has been named amongst the 10 most entertaining teams in ​Premier League history.

The Reds were an insane 25 points ahead of reigning Premier League champions Manchester City before the Coronavirus outbreak brought the world to a halt.

And stat website Spreadex has ranked Jurgen Klopp’s men fourth in the 10 best entertaining teams in the league’s history and awarded them an overall score of 76.66.

The publication revealed that its points system is based on meeting different criteria in each match, with a win awarding 25 points, 10 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Goals are worth 15 points apiece and 10 for a clean sheet, while three points are awarded for each corner taken.

Points are also lost for cards handed out, with yellow and reds receiving -5 and -15 deductions respectively.

Thus, despite going through the season undefeated, Arsenal’s famed ‘Invincibles’ squad of the 2003-04 season failed to make the top 10.

Vincent Kompany

Here are the top 10 most entertaining Premier League teams in history:

10. ​Liverpool (2013-14): 71.37

9. ​Manchester United (2009-10): 73.18

8. ​Manchester City (2011-12): 73.47

7. Manchester United (2011-12): 75.05

6. Manchester City (2013-14): 76.03

5. Liverpool (2018-19): 76.11

4. Liverpool (2019-20): 76.66

3. ​Chelsea (2009-10): 77.97

2. Manchester City (2018-19): 81.68

1. Manchester City (2017-18): 82.55

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