3 Reasons Why Neymar Should Return to Barcelona

3 Reasons Why Neymar Should Return to Barcelona
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Speculation regarding Neymar’s future has been rampant since last summer, with Barcelona interested in re-signing the player who left them three years ago to join Paris Saint-Germain. In 2017, PSG stunned the football world by pulling off the transfer of Neymar after paying the Brazil star’s £198million buyout clause.

While Neymar has excelled when on the field for PSG, his time at the club has been far from straightforward. Injuries have prevented him from playing a part in the latter stages of both his seasons in Paris.

Now, according to Mundo Deportivo, Neymar is reportedly willing to accept a 50 percent wage cut to secure a return to Barcelona this summer.

But is that a wise move? For both parties? We play the devil’s advocate and list down three reasons why it makes sense for Neymar to come back to Barcelona, and three reasons why he should just stay put at PSG.

For now, here are three reasons why Neymar should come back to Barcelona.

3. He fits perfectly in the squad


Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a Neymar-shaped hole in Barcelona’s left wing. There are many who absolutely loved Philippe Coutinho, but Neymar is miles ahead of him in terms of talent and productivity.

Neymar’s pace made him a powerful tool in Barcelona’s arsenal, and his technique and vision meant that few could contain him during counter-attacks. Coutinho is good, but he is no Neymar, and it shows which is why he was sent off on loan to Bayern Munich.

The prospect of having two incredible wingers like Neymar and Ousmane Dembele flanking a central Lionel Messi is tantalising and definitely a possibility that needs to be explored if possible.

2. Strong ties with the club

FC Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain – UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

The Brazilian has not changed. He is no different from when he first stepped foot in the Camp Nou. And he is desperate to come back which is apparent from his constant visits to the club and the more recent feelers that have been floating around.

His friendship with the team’s senior players is as strong as ever, and players like Lionel Messi and Ivan Rakitic have voiced their desire to see Neymar back at the club. Not surprisingly, the Barcelona duo are now pushing with centre-back Gerard Pique for Neymar’s return.

Neymar was the driving force in Barcelona beating PSG at home in the historic Champions League comeback and he has done enough good with the club to deserve another chance.

1. Messi brings out the best in him

Deportivo Alaves vs Barcelona – Copa Del Rey Final

Neymar enjoyed his best form alongside Messi. He has put up decent numbers in France but they are nowhere what was expected of him. At PSG, the play revolves around Neymar, but he’s had more success at Barcelona.

Neymar left Barca to step out of Messi’s shadow, but he himself has admitted that the Argentinian was extremely supportive of him during his four seasons at Camp Nou. As Neymar is still a fan favorite with most of the fans, it would be an exciting sight to see the MSN back together again.

Playing with Messi brings out the best in Neymar, for while there is competition, there’s also a lot of learning. From Messi, the 28-year-old can learn how to organize his life away from the pitch and improve on the pitch.

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