9 Premier League Clubs Keen to Set 30 June Deadline for Completion of Season

9 Premier League Clubs Keen to Set 30 June Deadline for Completion of Season
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​Several Premier League clubs have set a 30 June deadline for the season to be completed, and if that target is not feasible, they then want the season curtailed.

Widespread uncertainty has shrouded current football campaigns across the globe, as the coronavirus outbreak has either indefinitely halted sporting events or consigned them to a later date.

The Premier League has found itself dealing with similar concerns, as the football authorities desperately work towards a solution that has the least detrimental effect. According to the ​Mirror, ‘at least’ nine clubs in the top flight have joined forces with a view to finishing the current season by 30 June.

Leading officials at ​Premier League clubs have already made it clear they wish to finish the season, with plans in place to play the remaining fixtures behind closed doors.

The latest murmurs from clubs in the division suggest they would like a similar outcome, but the caveat of curtailing the league if the fixtures can’t be squeezed in to that time frame has been added.

Some clubs have nine matches remaining, while others have ten left, and rather than risk the ‘huge uncertainty and utter chaos’ of forcing those fixtures into that period, then some clubs would rather that the league be curtailed. The Mirror’s report adds that the clubs in question will put their views to a league summit on Friday.

Scrambling for a formula that will see the season avoid being scrapped is their primary focus, however, with the ​Champions League spots, relegation places and whether ​Liverpool will be able to win the title that is firmly within their grasp all to be decided.

Premier League Football and Coronavirus Protective Mask

Further concerns exist around the troublesome issue of player contracts. Up to 80 players are believed to become free agents on 30 June, and by finishing the league prior to that date, the integrity of the competition wouldn’t be damaged with clubs losing key assets.

All that aside, the uncertainty clubs are facing in general is the biggest cause for concern. Plans for next season are either being shelved or facing drastic alterations, with issues such as ticket sales, new contracts, sponsorship deals and transfers all unable to be appropriately planned for.

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