Asian Women’s Studies (AWS) Master degree Scholarship in South Korea

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Asian Women's Studies (AWS) Master degree Scholarship in South Korea

Up to 12,000 USD financial aid are available!

Asian Women’s Studies (AWS) is an interdisciplinary master’s degree program offered in English. AWS seeks to train professionals and equip them with feminist knowledge and perspectives derived from and applicable to the realities faced by Asian women.

Although the main subject of study is “Asian women,” AWS does not limit its scope within the regional boundaries of Asia.

Adopting the perspective of tricontinental postcolonial theories, AWS encourages its students to reconceptualize Asia and Asian women, and, by extension, pave the way to building solidarity among women in Asia and other non-West regions.

By delving into the heterogeneity within Asia and shared commonalities across regions, students will be able to decolonize western-centered feminism and produce feminist knowledge regarding women, gender, and sexuality in nonwestern contexts.

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