Bayer Digital Campus Challenge 2020

Bayer Digital Campus Challenge 2020
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This Challenge is open to students of Universities from all over the world who meet the following criteria: any person currently enrolled in higher education or anyone who has graduated from an institution of higher education within the last year; any person of legal age.

  • Participants must create an account (see no. 4) and form teams of 2 to 5 persons. Once a team has been registered on the platform, no changes in its make-up may be made once the first deliverable has been submitted. If the number of Participants on a team drops to less than 2 members, the team shall be disqualified.
  • Participants are only permitted to register with one team. In other words, only one entry per person is permitted in the Challenge.
  • Participation in the Challenge is free.

The Challenge – Steps

Application Stage

March – October 25th

  • Showcase your project using 10 slides or less.
  • Present your initial observations, introduce and detail the key points in your project and illustrate how it can resolve the issue at hand.
  • Give free rein to your ideas and upload a file/document outlining your project idea to your profile.
  • The best projects will make it through to the mentoring phase.


 October 27th – November 6th Online vote by Bayer’s experts!The jury will vote the projects according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation potential
  • Customer focus
  • Economic Impact 
  • Presentation quality 

The best projects will enter the second stage of this challenge. 

Mentoring Stage

November 9th – December 1st The best team per subject will get the chance to be mentored by Bayer experts who will provide the teams with the best tools to drive forward their project. 

Final Event 

December 2nd The four finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to a large and interested audience of Bayer employees. On the same day, one team will be crowned victorious and will win amazing prizes. 

The Challenge – Brief

How digital will Bayer be in 2032?

Digitalization is taking place everywhere and affects all of us. At Bayer, we ask ourselves how we can capitalize on the opportunities that arise from digitalization. What effects do you think all these new digital technologies will have and how will Bayer change? And how can they be leveraged in the health business?

We want to hear what you think!

Are you enrolled in the field of STEMEconomics or HumanitiesTake the opportunity to get noticed: Bayer may offer to purchase your invention!

Now is your chance to discover new opportunities to harness the strengths of digital technologies, get to know Bayer from scratch and live our mission: “Science For A Better Life.” 

Themes: 4 categories

Machine & Deep Learning

Machine learning is a particularly exciting subject. The idea of cognitive artificial intelligence sounds simple yet revolutionary. However, its application at Bayer is proving to be more difficult than expected, and is not fully implemented at present. Do you have an idea for a new way of using machine learning in everyday work? Could machine learning fight COVID-19 by predictions of spreading the virus? Make the Corona-test faster and more precise? Or perhaps improve data quality, automatic processes or even flexible pricing strategies? What about automatic pattern recognition and natural language processing? Or perhaps machine & deep learning for quantum computing?

Could machine learning pave the way for real-time auditing – a development that would make our day-to-day work a whole lot easier?

What ideas do you associate with machine learning and Bayer?

Data Science

Data science and artificial intelligence are important fields of research. Technologies in those fields are here to stay and will become more important – not only to speed up vaccine production to fight COVID-19 – but in the years to come. How can data science and artificial intelligence transform the life science industries? How can they help shorten the time to market for medicines, for example? Imagine the possibilities that combining the right data will open up for farmers, consumers and patients. Put differently, data science can help us get the right medication to the right patient at the right time. And what about supporting Bayer’s sustainability goals?

Tell us about your ideas and functional solutions in this area of research.

We are curious to find out how you see the future of data science at Bayer!

Cloud Computing & IT Security

Everyone is already acquainted with cloud applications from their personal lives. Streaming movies and music or storing pictures are everyday uses of the cloud. Entire IT landscapes are now moving to the cloud, which is bringing about new challenges. How can different clouds be integrated so that they speak to each other? How are streams of data managed? How it is possible to ensure end-to-end operation in decoupled systems? At the same time, imagine how a pharmaceutical company would suffer from a loss of reputation if it were to disclose sensitive patient data from a clinical study. Or imagine if financial statements, employee data or research results were unintentionally made public. Especially with networked applications in the industrial internet, there is a danger of criminals hacking into production processes or bringing entire systems to a halt.

Think about which solutions can be implemented to increase security and tell us how IT security can be reimagined and built into the DNA of every system and process. In a nutshell, how will IT security change in the future?

In a nutshell, how will cloud computing and IT security change in the future? 

Digital Therapeutics

How can we provide precision medicine – the holy grail of modern medicine – to patients? Well, “radical patient-centricity” could be an answer. But what are the channels for getting in touch with patients, engaging with them and providing them services that they are willing to accept, while also improving their health and well-being? There are various options, with the default setting being patient-physician interaction. What if “The doctor will see you now (for a couple of minutes)” is not enough, though? What if the doctor is not available? Are there digital solutions to improve patients’ health status? How can we include high-end medicine such as metabolomics, epigenomics and microbiomics in remote interaction of patients with “the healthcare system”? How can we gain insights into how patients suffer from their illness? How can we increase patient engagement? What role does Bayer play in providing health solutions to patients?

We are curious to find out how you see the future of Bayer in a digitally enhanced healthcare ecosystem.

More information and Rules for participation on Official Website HERE.

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