Bayern Munich’s Ultimate 25-Man Squad From the 21st Century

Bayern Munich's Ultimate 25-Man Squad From the 21st Century
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​If we had to guess, you didn’t come here for the introduction, did you?

We’ll keep the waffle down to a minimum, but the ground rules for Bayern Munich’s ultimate 25-man squad is important.

Players are only eligible for election if they’ve made an appearance for Bayern Munich during the 21st century. So, sorry Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer, but here’s the Bavarian’s best possible squad since the year 2000.

And yes, Jupp Heynckes would be their manager. Win a Champions League Pep, then we’ll talk.



Manuel Neuer – Perhaps Germany’s best-ever shot-stopper, Neuer has revolutionised the way goalkeepers are used across the planet.

Oliver Kahn – It might be a stereotype that goalkeepers have to be a bit crazy, but Kahn certainly lived up to that reputation.

Michael Rensing – He’s not the most well-known names at Bayern Munich, but Rensing is one of just a handful of goalkeepers who’ve been directly involved in a goal for the club.



Philipp Lahm – There aren’t many players who would walk into Bayern Munich’s best-ever team, but Lahm’s place is undoubtedly set in stone. 

Joshua Kimmich – Kimmich might be used as a midfielder more often these days, but he’s still one of the best right-backs in European football and at 25, he’s already made more than 200 appearances for the club.


Bayern v Man U

Jérôme Boateng – It’s easy to forget just how impactful Boateng has been at Bayern Munich due to his problems with injuries, but even as recently as 2016 he was voted as Germany’s footballer of the year.

Mats Hummels – Just like how Neuer has changed fans’ perception of goalkeepers, Hummels’ ability on the ball has helped to do the same for centre-backs.

Samuel Kuffour – Fans outside Bavaria might not be familiar with who Kuffour is, but at the peak of his powers he was one of Bayern Munich’s best players and he still holds the record as the most capped African player in the club’s history.

Daniel Van Buyten – He moved to Bayern Munich at the end of his career, but Van Buyten still lifted 14 pieces of silverware during his eight-year stretch at the Allianz Arena.



David Alaba – It’s not a position where Bayern Munich have been blessed with incredible talent, but Alaba has filled the role brilliantly for so long that their lack of depth hasn’t been an issue over the years.

Bixente Lizarazu – Only Franck Ribery and Willy Sagnol sit higher as Bayern Munich’s most capped French player throughout their history.

Right Midfielders

Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben – Even if Robben’s only appearance for Bayern Munich came in the 2013 Champions League final, his place in this squad would be more than justified.

Serge Gnabry – The ex-Arsenal star needs a few more years to really build a legacy at Bayern Munich, but there’s little doubt he’s already on that path and he could even be remembered as one of their all-time greats.

Central Midfielders

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Xabi Alonso – His best years were behind him when he eventually moved to Bayern Munich but Alonso was vital to helping the club adapt to Pep Guardiola’s style.

Bastian Schweinsteiger – One of just three players to reach 500 games for Bayern Munich in this century. Certified legend.

Thiago Alcântara – You could drop Thiago into any midfield throughout history and he wouldn’t be out of place. Outside Bavaria, the Spaniard is arguably the most underrated player right now in world football.

Toni Kroos – Kroos couldn’t quite take the mantle from Schweinsteiger, but he’s become a household name and a serial winner since joining Real Madrid.

Arturo Vidal – Germany boasts one of the best, most technical gifted pool of midfielders anywhere. One thing they don’t produce all that often is no-nonsense destroyers, so Vidal’s impact really did make a difference.

Left Midfielders

Alphonso Davies

Franck Ribéry – As well as being Bayern Munich’s most capped foreigner, Ribéry also should have become the first player at the club to win the Ballon d’Or since Franz Beckenbauer in 1972.

Alphonso Davies – The Canadian is known as a left-back thanks to his breakout performances this season, but Davies will move back up the pitch once Bayern Munich’s defence returns to fitness.

Attacking Midfielders

Bayern Munich's striker Thomas Mueller r

Thomas Müller – The Raumdeuter is probably deserving of his own position. He’s been directly involved in at least 25 goals in every season of his senior career. Perhaps most important of all, however, is that he does a fantastic Kermit the Frog impression.

Zé Roberto – The Brazilian was more of a winger by trade, but he worked wonders in most positions he played and, for some, would even make Bayern Munich’s best all-time XI.


Roy Makaay

Robert Lewandowski – Only Gerd Müller has scored more goals for Bayern Munich throughout their history. Lewandowski might not be remembered up there with the likes of Ronaldo Nazário or Thierry Henry, but he should be.

Mario Gómez  – Only 18 players have ever scored more than 100 goals for Bayern Munich and Gómez is one of them. At the heights of his powers in Bavaria, he was one of the most feared strikers on the planet.

Roy Makaay – Giovane Elber could have nabbed this spot, but as Makaay’s time at Bayern Munich was exclusively in the 21st century it’s the Dutchman who just gets in ahead of his South American counterpart.

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