Bundesliga Aim For Early May Return Behind Closed Doors After Coronavirus Shutdown

Bundesliga Aim For Early May Return Behind Closed Doors After Coronavirus Shutdown
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The ​Bundesliga is aiming to resume in early May with games behind closed doors, German Football League (DFL) chief executive Christian Seifert has revealed.

Every major sports league worldwide has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and leagues around the world are trying to figure out when is the best time they can resume games in some capacity.

Bundesliga CEO Seifert told the ​New York Times that games would return to all 36 stadiums of the first and second division with the season concluding in June.

“We are part of the culture in the country, people long to get back a short piece of normal life, and that could mean the Bundesliga plays again,” Seifert ​said.

“This is why we have to play our role here, and that means to support the government and to talk with the government about when we will be able to play again. The sooner we are finished, the more flexibility we can provide to the European football landscape.”

Seifert also suggested that cancelling the season could put five Bundesliga clubs in serious financial trouble, while half the teams in the second tier would be “very much in danger to file for bankruptcy”.

Germany has the fourth most confirmed coronavirus cases in Europe, but it has a low death rate compared to other countries around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were more than 103,000 cases and over 1,800 deaths in the country as of Wednesday.

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