Erasmus Joint Masters Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology 2021/23

Erasmus Joint Masters Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology 2021/23
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ALA is a postgraduate international and interdisciplinary 2-yrs (120ECT) Erasmus Joint Master Programme in Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology, developed by a consortium of 4 institutions (University of Rome Sapienza, University of Coimbra, National Technical University of Athens, University of Naples Federico II) and associated partners (other universities, governmental and international agencies, museums and archaeological sites, architectural professional offices).

The three partner countries, Italy, Greece, Portugal, represent academic and professional excellence in the fields of architecture, landscape and archaeology at European and global level. Nowadays architects and archaeologists – and other related professional profiles (engineering, classics, social sciences) – are different professions whose training and education follow diverse paths, regardless the frequent and increasing need for a joint and shared approach especially in the professional challenges (national boards for heritage, conservation companies, architects’ offices, etc.).

The ALA Master has therefore the following finalities:A fully recognized Joint Degree to address the necessity of creating a shared language between the disciplines of Architecture and Archaeology especially in light of recent directives of international Public and Heritage bodies (i.e. UNESCO);To encourage an interaction between the different professions and a better integration between preservation strategies, planning and contemporary design interventions;To form highly specialized experts able to understand and apply the correct analytical, scientific and creative skills for the enhancement of archaeological and historical urban contexts.To bridge academic and job-market needs with the exchange of expertise in a highly innovative research area (Archaeology/Cultural Heritage/Design/Public-Private investments) providing the opportunity for students to enter the work market in highly specialized structures.

The educational path is based on a design-collaborative approach – including the transfer of knowledge on technical, digital, administrative topics – and on the historical interpretation of the archaeological sites that spans from the ancient to the medieval period. Italy, Greece, Portugal offer incredible archeological sites, long tradition on heritage issues, and opportunities of collaboration with local and national and international bodies. The master has in fact a large number of Associated Partners to establish deep research links with these top level Heritage institutions, involved in organizing traineeships and selection of research topics. ALA is also a chance to transfer knowledge to other extra European contexts, that have developed more recently an interest in heritage issues, namely the South Mediterranean Area and South America, as well as other middle and Far East countries. The two-year period will be organized as follows:

  • The 1st semester will be held in Rome with 6 modules concerning the introductory Architectural and Archaeological culture and methodologies and a first design workshop “Architecture for Archaeology”.
  • The 2nd semester will take place in Athens or in Coimbra and student will attend design studios on “Archaeology within the urban tissue”; or “Archaeology of the Territory and Landscape”, as well as the theoretical modules related;
  • In the 3rd semester the master offers online courses (legislation, conventions and research seminar), a field trip and field work in Naples and its surrounding area (Pompei, Campi Flegrei, etc.) and an internship with one of the Associated Partners in one of the four cities.
  • The 4th semester is dedicated to the thesis development and completion.

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