Erasmus Mundus International Master in Children’s Literature, Media & Culture

Erasmus Mundus International Master in Children's Literature, Media & Culture
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CLMC addresses the relationship between children’s and young adult’s texts and media, and how this relationship is interpreted, understood and responded to within different educational, social and cultural frameworks. This is especially important now and in the future, as texts and media have an impact not only on cognitive development but also on social inclusion and cohesion as well as on industry expansion.

Children’s and young adult (YA) literature and media has become a global business (that includes toys, video-games, apps and other development of technology), tightly interwoven with a broad range of cultural activities, and reaching readers through a variety of new channels. In the light of new technologies, innovative analytical models are required for both studying these texts and for identifying the literacy skills needed to make sense of them. At the same time, texts and media are reflecting greater linguistic and cultural diversity. Therefore, we need a new ‘repertoire’ of literacy and cultural skills, such as language awareness, intercultural communication and visual understanding, to deal with these emerging text and media types.

The holistic study of children’s literature, childhood culture and media can provide the platform for examining the evolution of texts and developing these new repertoires of skills. The integration of theoretical and empirical approaches throughout the programme will allow graduates to create innovative strategies for promoting reading, improving literary competence and incorporating media and digital technology in learning and teaching. The communication and cooperation skills developed in CLMC, together with the understanding of the global, as well as the local contexts, will allow students to move towards positions of leadership in institutions and organizations that seek to shape education and in particular, the development of specific literacies (print, media, digital) that are relevant to 21st century children and young adults. 


Erasmus Mundus student scholarships

Note: If your offer status is ‘holding for documents’ then you will NOT be considered for a scholarship unless you submit the required documents by the scholarship deadline. 

For guidelines on how to apply for the CLMC degree programme and scholarship please see How to Apply.

EMJMD student scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world – however no more than 3 from the same country or with the same nationality will be awarded in the same intake. The scholarships’ terms depend on the student’s country of origin/residence.  

The EMJMD student scholarship includes:

  • a contribution to the student participation costs (including tuition fees, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory costs related to the students’ participation in the EMJMD study programme
  • a contribution to student travel and installation costs
  • a monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme
Contribution to the participation costs up to 4,500 € per year per scholarship holder from a Programme Countryup to 9,000 € per year per scholarship holder from a Partner CountryAny amount in excess of these maximum contributions must be covered by the participating organisations and cannot be charged to the scholarship holder
Contribution to the travel and installation costs 1,000 € per year per scholarship holder resident of a Programme country2,000 € per year for travel costs + 1,000 € for installation costs for a scholarship holder resident in a Partner country whose location is situated at less than 4,000 km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI3,000 € per year for travel costs + 1,000 € for installation costs for a scholarship resident in a Partner country whose location is situated at 4.000km or more from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.distance is calculated by the Consortium using the EACEA calculator. 
Contribution to subsistence costs 1,000 € per month for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme (24 months maximum).Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to scholarship holders for the periods of the EMJMD (study / research / placement / thesis preparation) spent in their country of residenceContribution to subsistence costs will not be given to Partner Country scholarship holders for periods exceeding 3 months spent in any Partner Country.

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