Essay Writing Scholarship – ASEAN Scholarships

Essay Writing Scholarship - ASEAN Scholarships
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Write a 1,000 words essay about talented women, and get a chance to win the US$2,500 reward!

Deadline for Submission October 15, 2020 gives the opportunity to students form all levels to participate in the “Essay Writing Scholarship” with a US$2,500 cash reward for the best candidates. See details below:
This scholarship is not limited to any specific region or school. It is open to all.

Eligible Topics for Essay Writing Scholarship

Essay writing scholarship has been started with the aim of surfacing the hidden women talent with ‘First Woman to achieve big’ motto. All the candidates ‘male/female’ can participate but you need to find stories on those women who were the first ones to do certain projects ever. The examples of the topics are as follows:

  • First Woman Carpenter of Pakistan
  • First Woman to Walk-in Space
  • First Woman on the moon
  • First Woman to Climb Mount Everest
  • First Woman Judge
  • First Woman Astronaut
  • First Woman Scientist
  • First Woman Doctor
  • First Woman Entrepreneur
  • First Woman Engineer
  • First Woman Mayor
  • First Woman Millionaire
  • First Woman Pilot
  • First Woman Prime Minister
  • First most charitable Woman
  • First Woman who set up a world record
  • First Woman in Science
  • First Woman who won Noble Prize
  • First Youngest Billionaire Woman
  • First Woman Bus Driver
  • First Woman Automobile Engineer
  • Etc…

The candidates are required to submit a 1,000 word essay on any of the above-listed topics. If you have a story of any struggling woman that achieved big in her life then we will prefer that story over the above-listed topics. Because the aim of this scholarship is to surface and provide recognition to those women who in spite of all stumbling blocks in their way achieved success.

Who is eligible to apply for the Essay Writing Scholarship?

Currently enrolled college and university going students with valid student enrollment cards are eligible to apply for essay writing scholarship. The professional writers, editors, and columnists are not eligible for this scholarship.

Format of Essay

Please follow the following essay format guidelines while composing your writeup:

  • 12 pt font size
  • Use Times roman font
  • Do not include any images
  • Use double spacing or at least 1.5x spacing
  • Make sure any of your paragraphs must not exceed 6 lines
  • Make sure your essay must be between 900-1100 words
  • Make sure you write on a verifiable story on a deserving woman who achieved big in her life
  • Make sure your essay must not be plagiarized

How to Submit your Essay?

If you are ready to submit your essay to be considered for US$2500 award by Essay Writing Scholarship then submit your entry with candidature details in the following application form, click here. Your file size must be under 2MB.

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