FIFA 20 Research Reveals Who is the Better Player Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario

FIFA 20 Research Reveals Who is the Better Player Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario
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Juventus hitman Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Nazario have been compared on FIFA 20 and it is the Brazilian legend who comes out on top in dominant fashion.

FIFA 20 always manages to cause debate and controversy when it comes to player ratings but the two Ronaldo’s are quite similar in overall rankings.

The cards used by GIVEMESPORT for the comparison is Juventus forward Ronaldo’s 93 rated base card, while ‘R9’ has his 94 rated icon card used.

Check out the results below and you can check out the cards on FUTHead here.

In Game:

Physical Acceleration: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Agility: Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo (87)

Balance: Ronaldo Nazario (81)

Jumping: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Reactions: Cristiano Ronaldo (96)

Sprint speed: Ronaldo Nazario (93)

Stamina: Cristiano Ronaldo (85)

Strength: Ronaldo Nazario (89)

Cristiano Ronaldo

In Game: Skill

Ball control: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Crossing: Cristiano Ronaldo (84)

Curve: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Dribbling: Ronaldo Nazario (95)

Finishing: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Free kick: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Heading: Cristiano Ronaldo (89)

Long passing: Cristiano Ronaldo (77)

Long shots: Cristiano Ronaldo (93)

Defensive awareness: Ronaldo Nazario (39)

Penalties: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Short passing: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Shot power: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Sliding tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (38)

Standing tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (46)

Volleys: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Ronaldo Nazario

In Game: Mental

Aggression: Cristiano Ronaldo (63)

Interceptions: Ronaldo Nazario (43)

Positioning: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Vision: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Composure: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

FINAL SCORE: Cristiano Ronaldo 10.5 – 18.5 Ronaldo Nazario

WINNER: Ronaldo Nazario

All of the above said and done, one cannot deny Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible talent in areas where Ronaldo Nazario hasn’t been great. Ronaldo is still one of the world’s best players at the age of 35 and while ‘R9’ fell away as he got older due to injury, there’s no denying how terrifying he was for defenders in his prime.

Meanwhile, Nazario had discussed the duo being compared in an interview with Sky Sports Italia and when asked who is the ‘real Ronaldo’, he replied, “This is a joke that shouldn’t bother either of us. Because when they tell me I am very proud and I’m sure he is too. Let’s say that we are both the real Ronaldo!”

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