Globalization and Human Rights, Online Course, University for Peace

Globalization and Human Rights, Online Course, University for Peace
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Globalization and Human Rights: 3 credits / 9 weeks weeks

3 Aug 2020 – 2 Oct 2020

Professor Mihir Kanade

The 21st century is described as the age of globalization, a phenomenon which is increasingly affecting human beings in every aspect of their lives. While globalization has undoubtedly resulted in significant economic and social integration at the global level, the pace at which it is occurring has also brought with it several unintended consequences for the respect and promotion of human rights at other levels.

The principal institutions facilitating this phenomenon such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and business corporations, have often been accused of keeping human rights issues out of their respective domains. The critical challenge, therefore, facing the present world order lies in ensuring that the vehicles of globalization are oriented towards development and promotion of human rights, through appropriate laws and policies.

This course will introduce students to the major themes and debates concerning these different linkages between globalization and human rights and explore the new streams of critique that have enabled a confluence as well as a questioning of the globalization-human rights interface. The course will begin with a critique of the traditional understanding of ‘development as economic growth’ using scholarship from both economists and human rights practitioners. With this foundation, the course will critically examine the contemporary issues in our globalized world and their nexus with human rights, by focusing on topics such as the SDGs, international trade, international financial institutions, businesses, traditional knowledge, and multiculturalism.

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