GRIPS Master and PhD Fellowships 2021-2022, Tokyo, Japan

GRIPS Master and PhD Fellowships 2021-2022, Tokyo, Japan
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Application deadline: Master – December 4, 2020 – PhD – January 20, 2021

The educational mandate of GRIPS is to cultivate high-level policy professionals and researchers. Our degree programs are designed to train students to envision a wide range of solutions to various policy issues. Our degree programs combine broad disciplinary curricula with an applied research focus and foster a commitment to international, national, and regional policy issues. This multifaceted approach provides the basis for a comprehensive understanding of economic development and socio-political change. We update our courses and develop new ones on the basis of ongoing policy research and changing policy issues.

For international students, the minimum residential requirement to obtain a Master’s degree is one year, and hard working students can satisfy all requirements for the degree within that time. For doctoral students who have completed a Master’s program at GRIPS, the minimum residential requirement is one additional year. After successful completion of all coursework, doctoral students can continue working on their dissertations at GRIPS or in their home countries.
The school operates at a 4-term calendar with a 16-week Fall Term, 8-week Winter Term, 16-week Spring Term, and 8-week Summer Term.

Master’s Programs – International Programs

Ph.D. Programs (5 Year Doctoral Programs)

Program / Degrees Offered Program Duration
GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube) Master of Arts in Advanced Policy Studies,Ph.D. in Advanced Policy Studies 5 years (MA, Ph.D.)
Policy Analysis Program (PA) Master of Arts in Public Economics, Ph.D. in Public Economics,Master of Arts in Development Economics, Ph.D. in Development Economics,Master of Arts in International Economics, Ph.D. in International Economics 5 years (MA, Ph.D.)


Full scholarships are available for exceptionally qualified candidates who have been accepted for study at GRIPS. These scholarships are provided by the Japanese government (MEXT) and international organizations, as well as by GRIPS.

If you wish to be considered for one of these GRIPS-allocated scholarships, you do not need to apply for the scholarship separately, but you must select the appropriate funding option when you fill out the Online Entry Form. The specific scholarship will be determined by GRIPS based on the eligibility requirements imposed by the scholarship providers. Please note that scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis and that only a limited number of scholarships are available.

Eligibility Criteria

  • High academic distinction
  • Nationals of countries other than Japan

GRIPS Fellowship Benefits

  • Monthly stipend:
    • for PA (during master’s course): JPY147,000;
    • for PA (during Ph.D. course), G-cube, SISP, STI: JPY148,000
  • Application fee, admission fee, and tuition
  • An economy-class air ticket from your home country to Japan upon enrollment at GRIPS
  • An economy-class air ticket from Japan to your home country upon completion of your studies at GRIPS (only available if the student’s doctoral degree is conferred within 3 years of enrollment)

Application Process

Selection for admission is based on the evaluation of information submitted online and supporting documents submitted. Before starting your application, please carefully review the following application process.

You will NOT be registered as an applicant until your Online Application Form has been submitted and we have received a complete set of your required supporting documents by post.
Those who have applied to GRIPS in previous years and wish to reapply this year must obtain a new ID and password. Furthermore, any supporting documents you submitted previously cannot be used for this year’s application.
Please note that if you provide any false or misleading statement or incomplete or inaccurate information in your application, your application may not be screened, you may be denied admission or, if you have been admitted, you may be dismissed from GRIPS.

Step 1: Online Entry Form
Fill out and submit the Online Entry Form ( Please note that applicants are not allowed to submit an Online Entry Form more than once in an academic year. The Admissions Office will send you an ID and a password by e-mail.

Step 2: Online Application Form
Use your ID and password to access GRIPS’ portal, G-way.
Complete and submit the Online Application Form by the designated deadline. As part of the online
application process, you are required to complete a video interview.

Step 3: Supporting documents
After submitting your Online Application Form, send a complete set of your required supporting
documents (see Section 3, Supporting Documents) to the Admissions Office by post no later than
the designated deadline.
Your official TOEFL/IELTS test score report must be sent directly to us by post from the test center
(GRIPS institution code for TOEFL is 9040).
Walk-in submissions will not be accepted.
Admissions Office
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-8677, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-6439-6046

Applicants are responsible for the timely delivery to GRIPS of all required documents. We strongly recommend that you send the documents by registered mail or courier service (e.g., FedEx, DHL) well ahead of the deadline.
Applicants must send all required supporting documents together in one package. Make sure to write your name and ID on the envelope.
You may have your official transcripts and certificates of graduation/degree sent directly to us by the registrars of the universities you have attended.
All materials submitted by an applicant become the property of GRIPS and will not be returned. Please make sure to keep one copy of your application for your records.

Source / More information: Official Website. Download Guidelines HERE.

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