“He’s Not a Criminal” – Diego Maradona Comes Out in Support of Ronaldinho

"He's Not a Criminal" - Diego Maradona Comes Out in Support of Ronaldinho
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​Argentina’s greatest ever footballer ​Diego Maradona has come out in support of the legendary ​Ronaldinho, insisting that the Brazilian isn’t a criminal.

Ronaldinho is in Paraguay and is ​under house arrest, accused of falsifying documents to enter the country, but the former Barcelona and AC Milan player denies the accusations.

“What happened to Ronaldinho made me sad,” Maradona told newspaper El Dia, as reported by ​Marca.

He added, “He’s not a criminal, he only went to work. His only mistake is being an idol, it seems. He’s my friend and I back him to the death.”

Maradona also spoke his views on the current COVID-19 pandemic and the Argentinian is worried about the future.

“The economy won’t be the same,” Maradona said. “Leaders will have to work hard to get through it. Luckily we have great leaders at the AFA and I’m sure they’ll make the best decisions.”

Both Ronaldinho and his brother ​were caught by Paraguayan border officials trying to use fake passports to enter the country, and he has spent over two weeks in custody as a result.

After that, Ronaldinho was presented in court and was handed out subsequent jail-time which has since then been ​converted into house arrest in Paraguay.

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