Heung-min Son’s Brutal Training Regime During Military Service for South Korea Revealed

Heung-min Son's Brutal Training Regime During Military Service for South Korea Revealed
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​While many footballers are spending their days during the coronavirus or COVID-19 lockdown spending time with family and trying to keep fit, South Korea and ​Tottenham Hotspur star, Heung-min Son has returned back to his country in order to complete an obligatory period of national military service.

Son was reportedly given a pardon from from the 21-month service that all able-bodied males under the age of 28 are supposed to complete after leading South Korea to the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

However, despite being exempted everyone still has to take part in a four-week run of basic training, though Son is expected to do his with the marines, where the course lasts only three. The footballing star will train on a naval base on Jeju Island, south of the Korean Peninsula.

As per South Korean platform, ​Naver, Son will have to participate in a number of intense exercises, including close combat sparring, weapons training and crawling under barbed wire – while also marching 6-7km in full combat gear weighing around 24 kilograms.

However, that is understood to be nothing to compared to their exercise routine which involves navigating a sealed building filled with tear gas, which trainees enter wearing masks but are then told to take off by instructors.

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