How to Enroll and Study for Free with Harvard University Online Courses

How to Enroll and Study for Free with Harvard University Online Courses
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As you already knew there are many universities around the world offered free online courses through different platforms to contribute fighting against Covid-19 during the lock down.

Harvard University, one of the best university in the world also provide around 100 courses which you study for free.

We have received many message on how to register and enroll the course for free, so we decided to create this article with screen by screen to help you within the simple steps below:

Step 1

Click on this link to go to course article and click on the button in pink line as shown picture.

Step 2

Choose the free courses as you wish to study, there are some courses you can study for free and some you have to pay.

See the tag of the courses as shown in screenshot and click on the title of the course to go to study platform.

Step 3

After click on the title of the course, it will bring you to the study platform as shown in picture.
Here you will see all detail related to the course such as time commitment, subject area or duration of the course…

Click button take course as highlight in pink circle.

Step 4

Just another level of registration, please click Enroll as highlight in pink circle

Step 5

After click on enroll button, it will pop-up the registration form where you and sign up with Facebook, Google Account, Microsoft Account or even completely new with your own email address.

Step 6

Please choose one of the method to sign up and then you are done. In my case, I use Facebook account because it is easy and comfortable.

Step 7

Please explore the course and platform, it is very well-designed and friendly user interface. Just play around.

Hope this will help.

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