International Undergraduate Program of Kyoto University, Japan

International Undergraduate Program of Kyoto University, Japan
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Application deadline: December 7, 2020

Applicants are expected to have high level academic excellence, English language competence, as well as to have motivation and a world-view aligned with their future goals.
It is not required to have Japanese language proficiency at the time of application.

What you can expect from Kyoto iUP

The total program will take 4.5 years and award you a bachelor degree in your majors.

1. A six-month preparatory course

In the first six months, Kyoto iUP provides intensive Japanese classes and some pre-foundation classes in certain subjects depending on your major. The faculties of applicants’ choice on application will accept the students who have been performing well during the preparatory course and passed the qualifying tests in subjects required by the respective faculties.

2. A four-year undergraduate program

Upon admission to the faculty, Kyoto iUP, students will become regular Kyoto University undergraduate degree seeking students.
In the first two years of the program, they will study liberal arts courses in English and/or Japanese together with Japanese undergraduate students. Additionally Japanese language classes are also provided.
The last two years of the program focus on specific subjects in the students’ respective majors, which are taught mainly, or exclusively, in Japanese.

3. Perspectives

Upon graduation, Kyoto iUP students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in their majors. The University also provides extensive career support both for students who are aiming to continue to graduate studies, as well as for those who are seeking employment in and outside Japan.

Scholarship and Benefits

Various kinds of financial supports are available including full or partial tuition and admission fee waivers and monthly allowance.
For the first year, dormitory rooms are reserved for Kyoto iUP students at a reasonable rate.

Merit-based scholarships for up to 120,000JPY per month are available as living allowance for up to 4.5 years.


Merit-based scholarships for up to 120,000JPY per month are available as living allowance for up to 4.5 years.

Applications for October 2021

    1. Download the Guidelines and Forms, and read the instructions carefully.
    2. For eligibility questions, Eligibility Screening Process prior to the application is available.
    3. Prepare the necessary documents and information.
    4. Apply through the Online Application System (some documents must be uploaded by the school through the Online Application System), pay the application fee, and click the “Complete” button before the application deadline.
      Apply now:
      Online Application System (available from November 2 to 5 p.m. (JST) on December 7, 2020)
      Online Application System – User ManualPDF
      • The application must complete through the Online Application System between November 2 and 5 p.m. (JST) on December 7, 2020.
      • Inappropriate applications (not in time, incomplete etc.) will not be considered in the admission process.
      • The application documents must be prepared in English or with English translation.
      • The applicants will receive the acknowledgement of receipt by message from the Kyoto iUP Admissions Office through the Online Application System.
      • If any questions, send an inquiry through the inquiry form on the website in advance.
        NOTE: Kyoto iUP Admissions Office will not answer questions which are written on the FAQ. 
        Please also read the FAQ carefully. FAQ 

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