Jürgen Klopp Insists Liverpool Will Be Physically and Mentally Ready for Premier League Return

Jürgen Klopp Insists Liverpool Will Be Physically and Mentally Ready for Premier League Return
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Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has insisted that his side will be physically and mentally ready for the Premier League when the English top flight returns.

As things stand, there’s no clear return date in sight for the Premier League – with the Project Restart plan awaiting approval on Monday – but Klopp’s side will be ready whenever that date is, the former Borussia Dortmund manager told BBC’s Football Focus.

“We don’t have to be at our all-time best, we have to be at our best possible and that is exactly the same situation for the other teams. Whenever we will start we will have the same time for preparation and our job, as always, is to use the situation you are in. We will be in as good a shape as possible and that is what we have to use then.”

Liverpool are two wins away from a first ever Premier League title and a first league title in over 30 years and while the prospect of playing the rest of the season in empty stadiums seems a strange one, it’s not one completely unfamiliar.

“We all started playing football without supporters and we loved this game not because of the atmosphere in a stadium.”

Klopp went on to say that while playing in front of fans has become what players and coaches alike are accustomed to, the empty stadiums won’t change football at it’s core and he hopes a successful Bundesliga return will bring out the Premier League resuming.

“Meanwhile, we are used to it and we know that’s the real football but now, if we can not play like this for a few months, hopefully only (a few months), that doesn’t mean the game is not still a wonderful game. I really hope that it works out in Germany and we can then start at some point in England as well.”

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