Jurgen Klopp Says it Would Be Unfair if Liverpool Were Denied Premier League Title

Jurgen Klopp Says it Would Be Unfair if Liverpool Were Denied Premier League Title
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Jurgen Klopp admits it would be unfair if the season was cancelled and Liverpool were not awarded the title, but continued to emphasise the importance of health over football.

The Reds were two wins away from their maiden Premier League crown before the season was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Top-flight teams have agreed to return to small group training on Tuesday, as the league’s comeback edges ever closer.

However, Ligue 1 and the Scottish Premier League have both brought their season to a premature conclusion, crowning PSG and Celtic champions, and Klopp says it would be unjust if his side were not afforded the same treatement.

Speaking at the DFB Academy [as quoted by Goal], Klopp said: “There was talk that people wanted to declare the season null and void. So you thought: ‘Huh? We have played 76 percent of the season and you just want to delete the thing?’

“That would have been something that I personally would find unfair, to just say that it didn’t happen.”

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid – UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

Liverpool sit comfortably clear at the Premier League summit, 25 points ahead of second place Manchester City and with just one defeat to their name all season.

“We are first in the home table, we are first in the away table,” Klopp added. “It is a season in which we should become champions.”

The Liverpool boss has always maintained that health was the overriding priority during the crisis, reiterating that football should only come back when the time is right.

Liverpool FC v AFC Bournemouth – Premier League

“I think there are worse things in life than not becoming champions,” Klopp said. “A lot of people around us have big problems. People die, it always happens, but at the moment because of a virus that we all didn’t know and for which nobody could be prepared.

“Dealing with the crisis is the most important thing. But that doesn’t mean that certain things are of no importance at all just because they are less important.

“People say: ‘How can you think about football, in moments when people are dying out there?’ Nobody does that, but like every other branch of business, we have to prepare for the time afterwards, because it will come of course.”

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