Kieran Trippier Charged by FA Over Alleged Breaches of Gambling Rules

Kieran Trippier Charged by FA Over Alleged Breaches of Gambling Rules
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Atlético Madrid right-back Kieran Trippier has been charged by the English FA for alleged breaches of their gambling regulations during his time with Tottenham Hotspur.

The allegations date back to July 2019, shortly before Trippier exchanged London for Madrid in a £20m deal.

The FA took to their official website to confirm that they had charged Trippier with misconduct in relation to two of their gambling rules, and he now has until May 18 to respond to the allegations.

As with all cases of this nature, the FA have not released any details of the investigation, but The Mirror state that the incident could revolve around Trippier’s move to Atlético, and the FA have looked into that transfer as part of their search.

The FA do note that Trippier has been charged with breaching rule E8(1)(b), which states that a player cannot provide information which is not publicly available to someone outside of football if that information is then used for gambling purposes.

If found guilty, Trippier could face a lengthy ban and a fine, similar to the punishment given to former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge in July 2018.

Sturridge was initially hit with a six-week ban which was later upgraded to a four-month ban from any footballing activities worldwide, leading to him cancelling his contract with Turkish side Trabzonspor in early March.

However, Trippier quickly released a statement (via John Cross) in which he disputed the allegations and insisted he was innocent.

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“I want to make it clear that while a professional footballer, I have at no stage placed any football related bets or received any financial benefit from others betting,” Tripper said.

He has a few weeks to respond to the allegations, and his statement suggests he is likely to do so, after which the FA will decide whether or not to hit Trippier with an official punishment or not.

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