Mixed Reactions Trail Banky W’s Request For The Nigerian Army’s Support

Mixed Reactions Trail Banky W's Request For The Nigerian Army's Support
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Nigerian singer, social activist and politician, Banky W has been attacked on Twitter for calling on the assistance of the Nigerian Army to help coordinate the people of Eti-Osa where they’re distributing food to over a thousand Nigerians who presently might not have means of providing for themselves consistently considering the present lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Banky W had gone on Twitter on the 21st of April to ask for the assistance of the Nigerian Army as controlling a crowd of over a thousand Nigerians is no small feat. This request is presently receiving mixed reactions as Twitter users speak against using the Nigerian army due to their history of physically harassing any Nigerian who acts contrary to their commands. According to these Twitter users, this request is a bad idea as people might be maltreated but other Twitter users who seem to understand the reason for the request opined that contrary to the negative reaction, this path will actually be fruitful as the Nigerian Army is one of the most feared authorities in Nigeria, hence the chances of keeping people in order is higher.




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