Mohamed Salah Aims (Not So) Sly Dig at Liverpool Teammate Dejan Lovren

Mohamed Salah Aims (Not So) Sly Dig at Liverpool Teammate Dejan Lovren
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​Social media banter is about as close as we can all get at the moment to actual face-to-face conversation. Especially in regards to football, where you would normally head into training every day ready to unload your next batch of dressing room chatter to any unsuspecting victim.

In the case of Mohamed Salah and Dejan Lovren, the pair have remained close friends ever since the Egyptian joined the central defender at Liverpool in 2017. And, just like their friendship, the off-field banter has endured throughout their time together at Anfield.

The latest edition of teammate trolling has seen ​Salah seek to one-up his Croatian chum, as ​Lovren took to ​Instagram to reminisce about one of his favourite moments with the club. 

Lovern’s first four seasons with ​Liverpool saw him remain an almost ever-present in the heart of defence. Since moving from Southampton for a fee of around £20m he established himself as a no-nonsense centre-back, but the emergence of Joe Gomez and the signings of Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk have seen his appearances dry up under Jürgen Klopp over the last two campaigns.

Nevertheless, he’s still enjoyed some memorable moments, none more so than his role in the Reds’ thrilling Europa League comeback against Borussia Dortmund in 2016. Needing three goals to reach the semi-final stage with just 25 minutes left, the turnaround was completed in the 91st minute, as Lovren’s header sparked pandemonium on Merseyside.

Heralding that moment on social media with the caption ‘one of my favourite moments’, Salah seized his chance at a dig on his pal, by adding, ‘do you mean that was the only good moment?’.

Mohamed Salah,Dejan Lovren

While clearly a lighthearted comment that could entail any number of things, Lovren duly responded with, ‘I am still waiting for your moment’. Salah duly accepted his retort, deeming the scores now ‘1-1’.

That said, It’s not quite clear exactly what Lovren meant by ‘your moment’, because, to be fair, if it’s football related, then Salah’s had quite a few. 

Think opening goal in the 2019 ​Champions League final, Puskas Award-winning goal against Everton, breaking the ​Premier League goalscoring record, and, well, plenty, plenty more. So, it can’t have been football related, could it? Either way, it’s fun, so who cares?

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