Not Kane, Not Alli, Not Son: Mauricio Pochettino Names His Top Three Players in the Premier League

Not Kane, Not Alli, Not Son: Mauricio Pochettino Names His Top Three Players in the Premier League
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Mauricio Pochettino has named his three favourite players in the Premier League, but did not included any Tottenham players.

The Argentinian was relieved of his duties at Tottenham in November and is no longer on their payroll having ended his six-month gardening leave earlier this week. That means he is now free to join another club without prospective owners needing to pay Spurs compensation.

In a recent interview, Pochettino mentioned he was happy to see Jose Mourinho replace him at Spurs. He was also asked to pick his top three players in the Premier League.

“[Kevin] De Bruyne, one. [Sergio] Aguero. Another?” the Argentine said in an interview with Sky Sports.

He added, “De Bruyne is going to be unfair, I don’t know what I can tell you, [Roberto] Firmino, maybe? Yes. But there are hundreds of players I can describe.”

De Bruyne has a ridiculous 62 assists in the Premier League ever since returning to England with a £54 million move to Manchester City in 2015.

Pochettino also added that he “loves England” and would like to continue living in England when asked about his next move in management.

He’s been heavily linked with Newcastle and stated he would be open to managing a club outside the top six.

“The problem is which club are top six? It always changes,” Pochettino said.

He concluded, “Today Tottenham and Arsenal are not in the top six. You need to respect all the clubs. They are all working so hard, investing and spending money. They all assign a new strategy each season to reach the top four, top six or top eight. You cannot underestimate any person, any institute or any club. That is why the Premier League is one of the toughest – all the clubs have the capacity to find a way to be competitive.”

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