Premier League Clubs Will Reportedly Suffer a £880m Hit in Matchday Revenue Next Season

Premier League Clubs Will Reportedly Suffer a £880m Hit in Matchday Revenue Next Season
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According to research, 20 Premier League clubs will take a £880m hit in matchday revenue next season if fans aren’t allowed into the stadium due to the coronavirus social distancing rules.

All football has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Premier League chiefs are desperately looking for options which would allow them to restart the current season without flouting social distancing rules.

According to Vysyble, all 20 Premier League clubs would collectively lose £878.21m in matchday revenue if all of next season was behind closed doors. If fans could return in December, that would reduce to £416.77m and if fans were allowed in at the start of next season, it would be £126.3m lost.

Manchester United have the division’s highest matchday earnings, valued at £110.8m for the 2018-19 campaign, but their greater commercial muscle means it accounts for 17.67 percent of overall revenue.

Nonetheless, United would stand to lose an eye-watering £140m in matchday income if the gates at Old Trafford remained shut for all of next season.

However, Arsenal would be hardest hit as almost a quarter of the Gunners’ revenue for the 2018-19 season came from matchday earnings and fans being shut out of the Emirates Stadium until May next year amid COVID-19 fears could cost them £122m.

The figures show these losses would reduce to £59.6m if fans returned in December this year – midway through next season. If next season starts with fans in the ground, Arsenal would lose just £16.2m.

At Tottenham, where matchday income in their new £1billion stadium accounts for 17.7 per cent of income, a whole 2020-21 season of no crowds would hit them to the tune of £106.5m. Liverpool would typically get 15 per cent of their overall income on matchdays and could the Premier League champions-elect could lose £105m if next season sees the Anfield turnstiles closed.

Chelsea and Newcastle take almost a quarter of their annual income from matchday revenue with the Blues standing to lose £81.5m by the end of next season. Manchester City would lose close to £74m.

Those clubs with smaller stadiums, such as Bournemouth and Burnley, stand to lose less money with much of their income dependent on the Premier League’s lucrative television deals. Bournemouth would lose £6.7m if the gates remained shut next season and Burnley £8.4m.

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