Ronaldinho’s Controversial All Time Champions League XI as He Omits Top Scorer Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldinho's Controversial All Time Champions League XI as He Omits Top Scorer Cristiano Ronaldo
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​Ronaldinho’s all time ​UEFA Champions League XI is an incredible dream team that would send any football fan from the last 20 years into a major nostalgia trip. However, the most controversial aspect of his team was the omission of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the highest goalscorer in the competition’s history. 

The former ​Barcelona star is considered one of the greatest of the game and back in 2015, when he was asked what his all time team of the Champions League was, Ronaldinho came up with the dreamiest of XIs, however, he did miss out on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldinho selected Gianluigi Buffon as his goalkeeper. His compatriot Roberto Carlos took the left-back spot, with Paolo Maldini and John Terry as centre-backs, followed by Cafu at right-back.

In midfield, Ronaldinho picked Frank Lampard, Claude Makelele and Kaka whereas his front three consisted of Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry and another Brazilian legend Luis Ronaldo.

Ronaldinho has had a long time to think about a current Champions League XI, if that’s how he wants to spend time, having recently ​been in prison in Paraguay. The Brazilian maestro had been in jail in Paraguay with his brother Roberto since the beginning of March after allegedly attempting to enter the country with a fake passport, before being released on bail recently.

Do you think if he is asked about his XI now, he’d reconsider putting Cristiano in?

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