SBW Berlin Scholarship, Berlin / Postdam , Germany – Deadline December 31, 2020

SBW Berlin Scholarship, Berlin / Postdam , Germany - Deadline December 31, 2020
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Scholarship benefits:

SBW Berlin bears the necessary living expenses of the scholarship holders for the duration of
their scholarship. A full scholarship includes:
• a room in our shared student flats in Berlin
• cost-of-living allowance in the amount calculated in section IX.
• tuition fees
• possibly also a travel allowance for your journey to Berlin before the start of your studies
and for the journey home after you have completed your studies

With our scholarship, we support talented young people from abroad who are socially committed and have volunteer work experience. We believe that education is key to improve the living conditions in the poorer countries of the world.

Hence we award scholarships to young, committed talents from abroad so that they can achieve a university degree or apprenticeship in Berlin. A full scholarship includes the funding of all tuition fees, accommodation in our in-house student flats and a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Most of our scholarship holders initiate and implement social projects while they are studying in Berlin. After successfully completing their studies, we expect them to continue these projects and advance them through the skills they have acquired here. Ideally, these projects are located in their home countries and improve the living conditions there. SBW Berlin assist with advice and mentoring.

As refugees are usually unable to return to their homeland, slightly different requirements apply to them.

At present, our scholarship is reserved for students from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. We believe that these regions have a particular need for development assistance due to their current economic and/or social situation.

Detailed information about our scholarship and the entire application and selection process can be found in our guidelines. Please read them carefully before you fill out our application form. Afterwards please send the form and all required documents via email to

Official Website.

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