Serge Aurier & Jordon Ibe Caught Having Haircuts in Apparent Flouting of Lockdown Rules

Serge Aurier & Jordon Ibe Caught Having Haircuts in Apparent Flouting of Lockdown Rules
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Jordon Ibe and Serge Aurier (again) could find themselves in hot water after the Bournemouth and Tottenham players were pictured having haircuts despite the current lockdown measures.

Just as with the rest of the country, social distancing and self-isolation have been undertaken by all those across the UK in an effort to lessen the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic.

You are allowed to leave your homes for daily exercise, but for nonessential activities such as, say, getting your hair cut, such interactions are still not permitted with members outside of your own home.

Pictures have surfaced, though, of separate incidents involving Cherries forward Ibe and Spurs defender Aurier getting themselves fresh trims. In the case of Ibe, he posted a picture on Instagram of himself getting a haircut that has prompted his club to confirm that an internal investigation is taking place.

A Bournemouth spokesman told The Athletic: “We are aware of a social media post made by one of our players. We have launched an internal investigation, the outcome of which will remain confidential.”

Ibe also responded to the incident, insisting that while he used appropriate PPE, he was unaware that his actions were a breach of the government guidelines.

“I didn’t think it through and I apologise,” he said. “I made sure to wear protective equipment but I didn’t realise it was in breach of the guidelines. There wasn’t any intent to disobey the guidelines and as soon as it was brought to my attention, I took the post down immediately.”

Further north, in the capital, a similar situation has arisen with Aurier, who essentially did the exact same thing by posting an image of his haircut on Instagram alongside his hairdresser. He wasn’t wearing PPE, though.

A source told the Evening Standard that Spurs were also going to look into the matter: “We are investigating the circumstances and will deal with the incident appropriately.”

However, Aurier has since responded to the accusations, with a follow-up message posted on social media.

He wrote: “My hairdresser is negative and me too so stop talking in a vacuum and put on masks and gloves when you come to take pictures at the training center its parts of the rules too.”

Both players are returning to training with their clubs this week after the Premier League moved forward with plans for ‘Project Restart’, with the end goal to resume the top flight in June.

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