Short-term Exchange Programs at Kanazawa University KUEP 2021-2022, Japan

Short-term Exchange Programs at Kanazawa University KUEP 2021-2022, Japan
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Deadline for applications (October 2021 intake): January 29, 2021


The Kanazawa University Exchange Program (KUEP) is a special education program that provides Japanese language courses, as well as courses in English on the state of affairs in Japan, Japanese culture, and other various fields of specialty for international students from the institutions that have an exchange agreement with Kanazawa University.
We hope that KUEP students will deepen their understanding of Japan through this program, and engage in cultural exchange among students from all over the world and from Kanazawa University. We also hope that the knowledge acquired through this program will help the students to participate in the activities on the international arena.

Acceptance Period and Duration

Entering in October: October-March or October-September
Entering in April: April-September or April-March

Academic Calendar

  • KUEP academic year is divided into two semesters as follows:
    Autumn semester (Quarter 3, Quarter 4 ): October 1 -March 31
    Spring semester (Quarter 1, Quarter 2 ): April 1 -September 30
  • Classes are held during the following periods:
    Autumn semester: early-October-mid-February (16 weeks)
    (Quarter 3 : early-October-late-November ( 8 weeks), Quarter 4 : early-December-mid-February ( 8 weeks))
    Spring semester: early April-early-August (16 weeks)
    (Quarter 1 : early-April-mid-June ( 8 weeks), Quarter 2 : mid-June-early-August ( 8 weeks))
  • There are no classes on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, and during the winter, spring and summer vacations.


Tuition shall be waived for students who are from institutions that have concluded an agreement on mutual tuition waiver with Kanazawa University according to the number of students specified in the agreement.
Special Auditors are obliged to pay tuition of JPY 14800 yen per credit. Special Research Students are obliged to pay tuition of JPY 29700 yen per month. Tuition might be revised in the future.


Students of KUEP Human and Social Sciences attend regular curriculum classes of Kanazawa University and/or study in their major field(s) at the graduate school. Students of KUEP Science and Engineering Sciences/Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences conduct research based on their individual purpose for studying at Kanazawa University while taking classes on major subjects given in Japanese or English.
Students can also take courses on the Japanese language and on Japanese culture and society that are provided by the School of International Education. Whether or not credits are granted to students depends upon which school they belong to.

For details of regular curriculum classes, refer to the Kanazawa University Web Syllabus:

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship Program

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) supports short-term exchange students to promote student exchange with foreign universities.Participants for KUEP will be paid monthly stipends, if accepted as a JASSO scholarship grantee.
It is not permitted to apply to both Kanazawa University and another university in Japan for this scholarship program.

Institutions Requirement

Foreign institutions which have concluded an exchange agreement and a Memorandum on student exchanges with Kanazawa University

Application Requirements

JASSO applicants must be full-time students (undergraduate or graduate) at one of the partner institutions of Kanazawa University, and must fulfill the following requirements.
⑴ Students who have the nationality of countries or regions that have diplomatic relations with Japan. Students from Taiwan and Palestine are also considered eligible. Students who have Japanese citizenship are NOT eligible.
⑵ Students who are accepted to Kanazawa University under the exchange agreement
⑶ Students with commendable academic performance and personal character
⑷ Students with clear objectives for studying at Kanazawa University and who can be expected to perform well
⑸ Students who need financial assistance to study in Japan
⑹ Students who will return to their home institutions after completion of the exchange program at Kanazawa University to continue their study or get a degree at their home institutions
⑺ Students who qualify for a ‘college student’ visa
⑻ The monthly amount of the scholarship which students receive from other agencies must be JPY 80000 or less

Period of Scholarship

Entering in October: October-February or October-August
Entering in April: April-August or April-February

Contents of Scholarship

Monthly stipend JPY 80000 (estimated)

Kanazawa University will notify the applicants (through their host institutions) of the selection result for the JASSO scholarship.
There is a possibility that students are not selected to receive the scholarship even if they have been accepted to KUEP.

Source / More information: Official Website.

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