Take The Sports Conversations Online, Join The Sportcheq Community Today! « tooXclusive

Take The Sports Conversations Online, Join The Sportcheq Community Today! « tooXclusive
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Sports lovers across the world can now be happy with the launch of their own Social Media platform. This is new, it gives meaning to your sports banter, Sportcheq is bringing innovation to the sporting world, giving everyone a voice regardless of their Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Group, Religion, etc. We want to build connections between people based on their interest, bring people closer to each other using one unifier activity Sports.

Sportcheq.com is about Sports, Passion and Community. Experience fun with Unique Features on Sportcheq.com.

Below are few things you should know about Sportcheq.com

  • What is Sportcheq.com about?

Sportcheq is an Online Sports Community Platform that allows users to connect, engage and interact with fellow sports enthusiasts across the world. Our Vision is to be World’s #1. Online Sports Community Platformgiving people a voice in the sports world, with a Mission that empowers people to build connections with other sports lovers across the globe. We are passionate about giving people the freedom to connect with other users through interest-based contents.

  • Is Sportcheq.com a Sports Betting application or website?

Sportcheq.com is not a Sports betting website. It is strictly an online community platform to share sports experiences with other sports lovers. It is totally different from a Betting application. We don’t do betting on Sportcheq. Regardless, Sportcheq welcomes every user both male and female in one community.

  • How many Sports are currently on Sportcheq?

Sportcheq.com is increasing its sports category gradually but starting with Soccer which is the most popular sports game with over 4billion audience across the world. While we plan to add other sports activities like Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Volleyball and many more.

  • What are the types of Live Update available on Sportcheq.com?

Registered users can access the following live update on sportcheq.com Matches Updates, Goal Scorer Update, Goal Alert Updates, Transfer Update, League Standing, Team and Player Profile Update, Head-to-Head, Match Statistics, Match Line-Up and many more. Users can sign-up to get started easily.

User experience on Sportcheq.com

With a sleek design that capture the interest of users across different devices including Mobile, Desktop and Tablet, users can be sure that they will enjoy multiple features including creating user-generated content using Image, Video and Poll, User can connect with users, follow new users and sports athletes, be followed by other users, the Messaging and Chat features is also opened to all users. User can create an account or login into an existing account by just connecting their Social Media accounts. To avoid filling the registration form. Get on board in less than 1minute and start sharing your sports stories. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Sportcheq.com is FREE to use for all users. We welcome both male and female, young and old, black and white audience. Click here to get started today!

Get to know more about Sportcheq, click the about us page and for more questions on the features available on Sportcheq, visit the frequently asked questions. Also feel free to know more about our terms of use and get yourself acquainted with our privacy policy

Sportcheq.com is a product of Baynet Fuse Limited, One of Africa’s growing Online Media and Digital Advertising Company.


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