Topless Sergio Ramos Raises the Bar With New Social Media Challenge

Topless Sergio Ramos Raises the Bar With New Social Media Challenge
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​Between toilet roll keepie-uppies, football pictures without context, and the absolute avalanche of tedious ‘copy and paste’ posts your aunt found on Facebook, the coronavirus isolation period has seen social media flooded with ‘challenges.’

Whether you take part in every single one you see, or scoff at the prospect of naming an entire matchday squad of players who mean a lot to you (but only one per nationality, obviously), it can be a fun way to keep the boredom at bay for a few minutes.

Every now and then, though, someone comes along with one that is affronting, unrealistic, and quite frankly silly. 

Normally, it will be a humblebrag, and more often that not skimps on the ‘humble’ part. 

“Name the best 195 countries you’ve visited, I’ll go first *heart eyes emoji* *plane emoji* *palm tree emoji*” – someone on Twitter, probably

​​Sergio Ramos, you’ll be amazed to know, is one of those people. 

Introducing a video on his Instagram by asking “We’re all strong, but who dares do this?” the ​Real Madrid captain, topless with his razor cut physique on show, pulls off a handstand from a squatting position, and proceeds to walk on his hands for a bit. 

Because why not?  

The defender turned 34 last week, but by the looks of this, he’s showing no signs of waning physically.

It might come as a warning to Real Madrid to up their game to keep his services long-term (Ok, it probably won’t but give us a break).

Ramos is currently reported to be ​at odds with the club amid negotiations to extend his stay beyond 2021. He is said to be keen on a two-year extension and the added security that comes along with it, but as things stand, Los Blancos are only prepared to tack 12 months onto the end of his existing terms. 

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