TX Review: Simi – “Duduke” + Adekunle Gold

TX Review: Simi - "Duduke" + Adekunle Gold
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Adekunle Gold and Simi are one music couple we can never write off or get tired of. Be it joint or solo songs, they always deliver. Their recent release; “Duduke” and “Something Different” are currently the Hottest song out there. Simi goes back to her usual genre with her favourite music producer Oscar to deliver ‘Duduke‘ while Adekunle Gold switched to the Lab studio to experiment a different sound and came out with ‘Something Different‘ (An Afro-Bop song).

Below are the Reviews for their songs

Simi - Duduke


Simi went all the way for this one. Yes, she had to, it was very necessary. Why? The singer wrote this as an expectant mother waiting for the birth of her child which I feel is a wonderful one in a lifetime experience so every beat, lyric, and note had to be perfect. Duduke is the Yoruba word for heartbeat, and within the context of this song, “Duduke” is used to describe the sounds produced from her heartbeats while she longs for her lover. At the time of its release, It truly felt like a love song but little did we know that Simi’s intentions were way deeper than a regular love song. The video showed that she wasn’t referring to her husband, Adekunle Gold but her unborn child.

Simi makes those who are yet to understand a mother’s love get a grasp of what it means to love someone you haven’t even seen yet. Lyrics like “I can not wait to see you, you are the treasure I’ve been waiting for ” tells you a mother’s love is the strongest, most unconditional and purest love of all. Thanks to Oscar who made us realize that the Simi of “Jamb Question” and is still very much alive. The instrumental was fantastic, but Simi’s amazing and sonorous vocals did a lot of justice to this record. She did beautifully with amazing melodies, nice vocal dexterity, and of course withy beautifully composed lyrics. The entire track is top-notch and perfect.

My rating is 8.5/10 by Olabimpe 

Adekunle Gold – Something Different


As the title of the track suggests, Adekunle Gold gave his fans “Something Different” from the usual Alternative sound that are accustomed to – a blend of highlife and Afropop. Produced by Blaise “Something different” tells the story of the relationship between AG and his love interest. Adekunle Gold is head over heels in love with his lady but alas she only wants his money “All you want is my Doe Doe”. He really wants to settle down with her but it appears she is not interested. He goes all the way to entice the lady with different things but she counties to reject his advances.

The song is quite catchy; lyrics & sound beat wise and it’s similar to his hit single “Before You Wake Up” but sadly it’s not up to his own standard. This, however, doesn’t make the song less cool. As stated before, it is something different and definitely a good one for music lovers who would move their bodies to the rhythm of the song effortlessly. Also, for me a feature with one of the Igbo guys like Flavour for melody or rappers; Phyno or Zoro for some Bop Rap would have heat things up.

My rating is 5.5/10 by Olabimpe

For some time now, Adekunle Gold has been adopting this phrase [AG Baby….Is Your Baby] as his artist tag. Seems these was where it all started. Passing across to his fans that he’s about turning a new leaf. This is not just the usual AG we used to know, prior to the days of “Shade”, “Orente” and “Pick Up”. I believe he got so much in stock for his fans this time around. All the way from his previous release with Kizz Daniel on the “Jore” track, which’s still the talk of the street and still topping music chart.

“Something Different” is an addictive sound, leans heavily on the Afro-Bop genre. AG talks about how his ‘Ex’ who left him due to his low life “You said no money, no honey o“, didn’t allow they make a wonderful different couple. There’s no doubt it’s one of the best songs released recently. AG passed a message across to his music fans about his new lifestyle and genre.

There’s no doubt this shift in sound will broaden the reach of his music. But while there’s an obvious global Pop/Bop direction to his recent music, AG does well to retain his African identity, and his powerful vocals ensure he isn’t taken for a pandering artist; it’s growth, and that’s inevitable.

My Rating 8/10 by Wale Adenuga (NugaGee)

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