University of Derby Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship program 2021/22, UK

University of Derby Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship program 2021/22, UK
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The University of Derby has a range of scholarships and discounts available to international students from countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and outside the European Union (EU), offering a reduction in your fees during your first year of study. Students from EU countries are not currently eligible for international scholarships.

Scholarships are based on your application to study; there is no separate form to complete. All applications from eligible students will be considered for a scholarship by our international admissions team. You will be notified of your scholarship when we make you an offer, and apply your discount to your remaining fees.

You must be applying for a full-time degree. Applications for postgraduate research, online studies, foundation and pre-sessional language programmes are not eligible for a discount or scholarship.

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

One full year’s tuition fees to a limited number of exceptional undergraduate and postgraduate international students.

You will need to achieve high academic results exceeding the entry criteria for the course and demonstrate exceptional achievements in extracurricular activity, either in your own time or through your employment in the last two years in your personal statement.

Scholarship Award

  • A Scholarship will be granted at the sole discretion of the University, and is granted in accordance with the terms specified in these Terms and Conditions of Scholarship, the Award Criteria and the Offer Letter.
  • The Offer Letter will specify the value of the Scholarship. All Scholarships are subject to compliance of the Student with the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions of Scholarship, the Award Criteria, the Offer Letter and the Student Contract.
  • Scholarships are awarded for one year of study only and details will be set out in the Offer Letter.
  • Scholarships are for all or part of your first year Fees and do not cover any maintenance costs, and no cash alternatives are available
  • The Scholarship is offered for a specified Programme. If you choose to study on another programme, the University cannot guarantee that you will receive it for that programme, and you will need to speak with the University if you no longer wish to study on the Programme.
  • Scholarship students may also be eligible for a Discount.


As a Scholarship holder, you are required to:

  • Accept the terms of your Scholarship within 14 days of receiving your Offer Letter which is issued by email.    You will be asked to accept both the terms of your Offer Letter and the Scholarship at the same time.
  • Accept and comply with all of the terms of the Student Contract;
  • Pay all Fees (less the applicable Scholarship amount) when due to the University in accordance with the Student Contract;
  • Meet any conditions set out in the Offer Letter (as appropriate).  Please note in particular that:
    • Scholarships are awarded to either ‘conditional’ or ‘unconditional’ offer holders. If you have been given a scholarship and you have a ‘conditional’ offer you must fully achieve your predicted grades and all other conditions of your scholarship offer to receive the scholarship. If you do not meet your predicted grades as shown on your application and/or the Offer Letter, but are still offered a place at the University, you may not be eligible to receive your Scholarship. In these cases, please contact the University at
    • You must provide with satisfactory evidence of your qualifications and compliance with any and all conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions of Scholarship, the Offer Letter when we ask you to do so. If you do not meet or do not continue to meet any of these conditions, or if you do not give us reasonable evidence that you have met these conditions your Scholarship may be withdrawn as set out in section 4 below.
  • Register on your Programme by the start date specified in the Offer Letter. Scholarships may not be deferred to the following intake or academic year, unless we expressly agree this with you in writing; 
  • To obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) and to meet all applicable visa and immigration requirements.  If documented on your Offer Letter, you may also be required to provide us with additional information relating to your visa. 
  • Be registered as a full-time student and be classified as paying international fees for the duration of your Programme.

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